In every successfuly establishment, there are those behind it. Those that run it and take it to greater success. Every establishment started by an idea of just one man or some group of people. Because without them, the existence of that very establishment will be impossible.

It would be unfair for MFN® not to showcase the sucess behind it's fast progress and development. Behold the MFN® Management.

Hon. Michael Lord M Smith

Founder, Director & CEO

Michael Lord M Smith is the founder of MFN® which came into existence on 17th June, 2015. Michael has Management, Dip. Law, Cert. Contract Management. And he has other experience below: Bodybuilder and Active gym user (2011 till date), Fitness show competitor and Promotions and Retail Industries (3 years), Legal Sector (4 years in training till date). Michael has 5 yrs experience till date in bodybuilding, he’s an active gym user, fitness competitor etc. He trains his friends and he always give them dietary and nutritional advice. He do have random people walk up to him for advice due to my physic. Michael is heavily built in a muscular structure that draws all the attention you can imagine. He is proud of MFN® and wishes to take her to greater heights.

One unique thing about the MFN® founder is that he use to be fat, out of shape and wasn’t into fitness at out. He has experienced rejection in the past due to his appearance but since taking a drastic u-turn to re-invent himself, he has become inspiration to many and beyond in the fitness industry. Michael has come across all supplements in the market and have used the presumed top supplement brands in the fitness industry.

During the process, he discovered that the founders behind majority of them are just focused on profit numbers and they have ignored quality which is the vital requirements of the consumer. He was aware that products of similar features can be blended into one to reduce cost for the customer and that is were the birth of MFN® came into being. MFN® is a unique brand that focuses on the interest of its users/members rather than the interest of investors. “MFN® puts you the buyer/consumer first above all others” this is the steady mantra of the MFN® founder and we can’t quote it better than him, because he understands you and he is part of you.

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